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Make a difference today

Support Local Charities Directly

We ensure 100% of your donation goes directly to the chosen organization, allowing them to put every cent into their incredible work. Your generous contribution gives often-overlooked grassroots programs a chance to shine and receive the support they need to continue making a difference.

What to expect?

ONLY 8-Hours a year!

Imagine coming together four times a year to learn about local charities and have the power to give back.


Our members listen to captivating five-minute presentations from two charities, and then each member personally donates $100 (or even more!) to their chosen charity.

Charities receive 100%

What sets us apart? Every single penny you donate goes directly to the charity. We have no administrative costs or overhead, so the charities receive 100% of the contributions. And don't worry about tax receipts - the charities will send them directly to you.

If you prefer, you can also contribute online to the charity of your choice. Just give us a heads up so we can keep track of our total impact.

It's FREE to join

There is no fee associated with being a member of this growing group and connecting with generous community driven individuals.


If you're an active member, you have the chance to suggest a charity for our next meeting.

Join our membership now and together, let's create an incredible impact!

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